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Affiliate Program Rules and Referral Form

Please bookmark this page. It contains your Affiliate Program Terms and Rules as well as your Referral Form for making End-User referrals.

GageList Affiliate Agreement

Enrollment in the GageList Affiliate Program indicates your agreement with the following terms and policies.


“Affiliate” means an individual or business entity who has agreed to the terms herein and is thereby eligible to represent Espresso Moon in selling GageList subscriptions or Espresso Moon development services.

“Affiliate Program” means the program by which Espresso Moon engages Affiliates to perform referral activities and thereby earn commissions.

“Agreement” means this Affiliate Program Agreement and all related materials.

“Commission” means amounts paid to Affiliates by Espresso Moon for referral of GageList accounts or Espresso Moon development projects.

“Commissionable Sale” means a sale of either a paid GageList subscription or a paid Espresso Moon development engagement.

“Referral” means complete information on a GageList account that the Affiliate has introduced to GageList or has directly helped to sign up for a GageList account. In the case of referrals for Espresso Moon custom development work, a referral means a direct introduction to a party who subsequently purchases a fee-for-service engagement.

GageList Affiliate Demo Account

Once you become an Affiliate, we will provide you with a free full-featured GageList account that you may use to demo the product to prospective customers. We will also provide support to you and your customers in using the product. Please feel free to reach out via phone or through our support ticketing system if you need any help getting started or onboarding customers.

We will provide demos to Affiliate’s customers upon request to support the sales process; such demos will not affect the commission amounts paid to Affiliate.

Your Affiliate demo is for the purpose of demonstrating GageList’s features and capabilities and may not be used as a functional end-user account by the Affiliate or by any of the Affiliate’s customers. Use of any GageList demo account to circumvent payment will result in immediate termination of the Affiliate Agreement.


The commission amount for GageList subscriptions is 50% of the first-year revenue from each subscription. No commission will be paid on subsequent years. For custom GageList plans involving custom quotes, local installations or other non-standard criteria, a different commission structure applies. Commissions will be computed within the custom quoting process and may vary based on the situation.

For Espresso Moon development projects, the commission will be computed within the quoting process and may vary depending on such factors as size of the engagement, projected gross profit, level of “hand-holding” by Affiliate and other factors.

All commissions are paid on a cash-in basis. Espresso Moon will pay Affiliate commissions within thirty days of receipt of payment from the customer. Espresso Moon will pay by check or ACH. In the event of check payments, the payment date will be the date the check is written. If you prefer ACH payments, you must provide our office with your bank name, routing number and account number.

Rules for Commissionable Sales and Account Ownership

All referrals must be in writing using the Referral Form on this page and must include complete identification of the referred party so that referrals can be verified. An Affiliate cannot simply give us the name of a company and then be commissioned if the company happens to sign up at some point in the future.

Referrals are valid for 90 (ninety) days from the date of written notification. You may extend a referral by notifying us that the referred party is still considering a purchase. We reserve the right to contact referred parties directly to help close the sale or to verify information.

In the event that more than one Affiliate refers the same GageList account, we will generally pay commission to the Affiliate who completed communicating the referral to Espresso Moon first. If you suspect one of your peers or a competing Affiliate may be attempting to refer an account you are working on, you are obliged to communicate with us in advance so that arrangements can be made to address any potential conflict before the referral is completed.

Espresso Moon will own and control all accounts referred by Affiliate. All decisions about accounts, work schedules, project estimates and billing, and all other relationship matters are the responsibility and sole purview of Espresso Moon.


Affiliates are not employees of Espresso Moon or GageList and are expressly forbidden from representing themselves as employees. We make no stipulations regarding how your time is spent and have no expectations on your performance. All Affiliates are independent contractors. Upon making the first referral, Espresso Moon will issue a W9 which must be completed and returned before referral commission will be paid. After the end of the year, we will issue a Form 1099 if you have been paid any amount.

Promotion, Marketing and Proper Use

The purpose of this Affiliate Program is to facilitate and pay for direct Referrals of specific end-users. Public marketing by Affiliates may be allowed under certain circumstances, however, Affiliates must obtain written permission from GageList in advance prior to launching any public marketing campaigns.

“Spamming” and similar mass-marketing tactics are prohibited. The spamming prohibition includes loading multiple end-user prospects into the Referral Form without first formally recommending GageList to each customer entered via the Form. Violations of marketing and spamming policies will result in suspension from the Affiliate Program and/or termination of your Affiliate Agreement.


Either party has the right to terminate this Agreement for any reason.

Espresso Moon reserves the right to change the terms of this Affiliate Program and Affiliate Agreement or to terminate or suspend it at our sole discretion, without notice to Affiliates.

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