How Much Does GageList Cost?

Hint: It’s priced to prioritize your success.

The pricing schemes for most calibration software products seem designed for an age when you had no real alternatives. That’s probably because they are. GageList offers fair, flexible pricing that lets you focus your resources on your core business, and scale up (or even down) as your business evolves.
Let’s start with FREE. The so-called “industry leaders” aren’t interested in serving small labs or machine shops, but we see your independent business as a potential lifetime partner. Our Free plan gives you basic tools to elevate your gage management program from spreadsheets or manual processes. As you grow, you can upgrade to economical plan levels designed to fit your exact needs.

Premium Cloud Plans. Our premium plans give you the simplest, most advanced gage management tools on the market, for a fraction of what you would pay for similar desktop-based platforms. GageList plans support your growth, instead of holding you back.

Custom Plans, Private Installations. When we deliver a custom private plan, it’s built to support your continued growth, not leverage control of your data to squeeze money out of your company. We never charge for seat licenses, so you can add as many users as you need, at no extra cost, and our custom maintenance plans are low enough to give you enormous savings on total lifetime costs.

With GageList, your data is yours. We don’t leverage the “necessary evil” of calibration management to siphon money from your bank account to ours. Our goal is to make your gage management program a value-added business function that supports your growth. We’ll help you migrate your data to GageList (in some cases for free), and we give you simple tools to easily export it so you can keep your own backups (in addition to our robust backup program), or even move it to a different provider if you find one you like better.

Choose your plan. We don’t think you’ll find a better value than GageList.