The future of gage management is simple, mobile, economical and collaborative.
Simple: The age of complicated software ended about the time your nine-year-old asked for a cell phone for her birthday. Apparently, nobody told the calibration software establishment.

We don’t believe you should have to pay for expensive training just because your calibration management system hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world. With GageList, you just sign up and start managing gauges. It’s that simple.

Mobile: Most calibration software tie your gage management processes to a desktop. GageList puts calibration in the palm of your hand.

GageList is browser-based and mobile responsive, so it works on any web browser on any device. GageList Mobile for iOS and Android adds the ability to manage remote gages even when there’s no Internet. GageList and GageList Mobile work together seamlessly, so you can work from every corner of your plant, and every corner of the planet. GageList Mobile even lets you scan tool labels so you can instantly access any gage record at the touch of a button.

Economical: The pricing plans for most gage management platforms are as obsolete as their software. GageList pricing is designed to fit your needs.

GageList offers flexible pricing that starts with a free plan, and lets you control the budget based on the size of your gage list. The free plan gives you the basics to move your gage management program from spreadsheets or manual processes. You can easily upgrade to economical plan levels when you outgrow your free plan.

Collaborative: Expensive seat licenses create silos and bottlenecks and force you to adapt your workflows to fit your desktop software. GageList gives you the flexibility to manage calibration your way.

You shouldn’t have to force your work processes to wrap around your calibration management system. Your people – all of them – should be given flexible, collaborative tools that make them more productive, more valuable, better able to focus on doing their jobs. Because we allow unlimited users on all accounts (yes, you read that right), your calibration techs, quality managers, internal auditors, and even external auditors can all collaborate on gage management in real-time.