COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on work schedules. In many industries, employees are staying home, telecommuting where possible, and generally becoming less productive, at least in some of their job functions. Revenues are falling off dramatically in many sectors, and access to components and materials is being choked off as supply chain issues mount.

At the same time, people in some industries are working harder and longer to provide critical products and services the world simply can’t do without.

  • Manufacturing industries don’t have the luxury of asking their floor workers to stay home without ceasing production altogether.
  • The burden placed on the healthcare system by the virus hasn’t reduced cases of other diseases, which means medical and lab personnel are working overtime, diagnosing and treating new patients and looking for cures, in addition to their existing workloads.
  • Utilities, refineries and other critical industries can only cut back so far without risking disaster.

These are a few examples where response to COVID-19 cannot involve simple social distancing or staying at home. Since no business that has meaningful quality requirements can afford to let their quality programs slip during a crisis, the pressure the pandemic will exert must be relieved through cost and labor-saving practices.

Here are six ways quality managers can address shifts in priorities during and after the COVID-19 crisis:

1. Reduce Your Quality Management Costs
You can dramatically reduce the cost and effort of calibration management by switching to a more modern software platform. GageList reduces data entry and management time over most legacy products by as much as 50%. Reporting is simpler and providing easy access to department heads, tool owners, calibration services, consultants and internal auditors streamlines the whole business of compliance.

2. Collaborate and Delegate Easily
By allowing unlimited users on all accounts – including free accounts – GageList gives you unparalleled flexibility; variable levels of permissions based on user roles let you develop creative collaboration plans that can help distribute workloads.

Universal access via employee-owned or company-owned devices, using GageList Cloud or GageList Mobile on desktop, laptop, tablets, iOS or Android, makes managing remote tools easy and reduces workloads dramatically. GageList Mobile uses your device’s camera to scan barcode labels and instantly pull up gage records, and it syncs with your company account in real-time, so your gage data is always up to date.

3. Upgrade Remotely
Unlike with other platforms, you can upgrade to GageList remotely, even if you are telecommuting. You are not limited to using the computer on which the software is installed – because GageList is cloud-based, NOT installed. All you have to do is choose the plan that fits your organization and sign up. Once you’ve signed up, you can start entering and managing tools immediately.

4. Simple Migration
One of the biggest perceived obstacles to switching to a better platform is the effort required to migrate your data. Most gage lists can be migrated to GageList using our simple import tools. For larger gage lists, GageList provides comprehensive Data Migration Concierge Service to make moving your gage records easy and painless.

5. So Simple, No Training is Required
Right now is not the time to try to schedule a trainer to come to your facility, or to fly your people across the country to attend expensive training classes on some overly complex software. You don’t need the headache, the extra cost, or the risk of exposure to COVID-19 from airports or classrooms. What you need is a solution your people can pick up and use from day one. We’ve onboarded thousands of users, and while we do support users with free tutorials and free tips on how best to use GageList’s features, not a single user has ever required formal training. In fact, we believe any software that requires formal training doesn’t belong in the 21st century.

6. Save Money for More Important Things
GageList costs a fraction of what establishment software platforms cost, and our payment options make managing your cash easy. Payment is handled by a secure e-commerce system that allows monthly or annual payments, using credit cards or purchase order and invoicing.

COVID-19 is challenging everyone to find money-saving and time-saving solutions to serious issues that are popping up as a result of self-quarantine, social distancing, supply chain disruptions and cash flow fluctuations. GageList represents a simple way to transform one of your important productivity issues, not just for the duration of the crisis, but into the future.

To get started with the most intelligent, cost-effective gage management system on the planet, visit or simply give us a call at 281-816-7130.