If you haven’t yet, it’s time to upgrade from Excel to GageList. Calibrating measuring instruments generates a ton of data that has to be managed, not only to maintain compliance with your industry standards, but to ensure the products you deliver perform as expected. Calibration management is the process of handling all that data to ensure your measuring instruments remain accurate and reliable, and your processes are efficient and trustworthy.

If you’re trying to manage your gage data with Excel, you’re not saving enough money to make it worth the risk. Even if you only manage a small gage list, relying on spreadsheets absolutely puts you at risk of suffering nonconformities or other significant quality events. Spreadsheets simply can’t do many of the things that are critical to effective calibration management.

Easily transform your home-grown system into a complete calibration program.

GageList™ is a powerful calibration management system that you can easily implement in minutes. Unlike the so-called leading platforms, GageList is inexpensive, easy to use, and is built to solve the headaches other platforms cause. Here are six reasons why you should give your calibration management program an upgrade from Excel to GageList today:

1. Cost savings: If cost is your chief concern, you should know that you can use GageList for FREE as long as you like to manage up to 25 gages, and our paid plans start at only $200 a year. That’s a fraction of what you pay for our competition, and you get a whole lot more, including GageList Mobile for iOS and Android.

2. Improved data accuracy and security: With Excel, all you have to do is spill coffee on your computer, and your calibration program is toast. With GageList, your data is stored in the cloud, on the same types of high-integrity servers as the world’s most trusted web-apps. Plus, GageList is formatted to handle the formulas and data formats that are unique to measurement and calibration. You don’t have to program individual formulas like you do in Excel. Names and attributes of specific instruments auto-fill so you don’t end up with multiple spellings of the same tool.

3. Enhanced traceability: GageList provides a detailed and easily shareable audit trail of all calibration events, making it easy to track changes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Traceability is critical to compliance in virtually every industry, including aerospace and defense, food and pharma, biotech, precision manufacturing, automotive, and oil and gas, where a lapse in product quality can mean costly recalls, industrial accidents and danger to human life.

4. Scheduling, Notifications and Reporting: GageList automates many of the key tasks associated with calibration management, such as scheduling calibration and maintenance, sending reminders of calibration due dates, and producing reports of calibration activity. It also automatically produces calibration certificates and stores them conveniently for verification and audits. These functions are critical to managing a calibration program, and Excel is simply incapable of handling them.

5. Collaboration: GageList allows you to add as many users as you need on any account, at no extra cost. You don’t have to buy seat licenses to increase the size of your calibration team or assign different gage management duties throughout your facility. It allows multiple users with various permission levels to access and update data in real-time, eliminating silos and making it easy for teams to collaborate.

6. Support: If you have a problem with your Excel-based calibration system, the folks over at Microsoft won’t have a clue what you’re talking about. But our US-based Customer Success Team knows GageList, knows the ins and outs of calibration management, and knows how to solve problems.

These are only six reasons to move from spreadsheets to GageList. There are plenty more. Read what our customers say. Explore our website and learn all about our features and benefits. Or watch a video that tells the whole story. And when you’re tired of the limits of Excel, sign up for a free account and start managing gages on the world’s fastest-growing calibration solution.