Migrating to GageList from Another Platform?

Our Migration Concierge makes it easy.

One of the biggest obstacles to upgrading to a better software platform is the time and effort it can take to migrate your data. GageList makes moving up easy with our exclusive Data Migration Concierge Service.

We’ll help a little or do it all. It’s up to you. Maybe you’ve got a relatively small gage list with fairly simple calibration records. If that’s the case, you can probably use our simple Import and Export Tools to upload your records to GageList.

If your existing records have been managed by hand or within a homegrown system, or if you’ve got a massive, complex gage list, or if you have gages in multiple locations managed by different systems, you may be faced with a challenging and labor-intensive project you don’t have the time or the expertise to handle.

That’s why GageList offers exclusive Data Migration Concierge Service. We don’t think migration needs to be a barrier to upgrading your calibration management program to the simplest, most advanced solution on the planet. Our service can be as simple as advising you on how to format your data, or as extensive as handling the entire process for you. And our price for Migration Concierge Service ranges from free to very economical, depending on the size of your account and the complexity of your data set. So if the challenge of migrating your data has been causing you to put off moving up to GageList, your wait has ended. Contact us to today to get started!