GageList Calibration Lab Software

Powerful Tools to Manage All Your Customers’ Measurement Equipment

One of the biggest challenges in running a busy calibration service is integrating your calibration lab software with the disparate systems used by your customers. GageList Cal Lab™ makes the whole process easier and more profitable for you and your customers. You can now add more value to your brand, service more customers in more locations, and ultimately reduce your software spend, by connecting your cal lab to the fastest-growing calibration management solution on the planet.

GageList supports compliance with ISO 17025 as well as the major standards that impact your customers in their respective industries. It includes robust features like customizable notifications of calibrations due, simple scheduling tools, and the ability to add custom branding within your software interface and on your calibration labels and certificates.

How GageList is Different

What sets GageList apart from other calibration management platforms is our fundamental business model, predicated on empowering our customers to collaborate, expand and innovate. We do this by blowing up the old seat-license model with unlimited users on all accounts, a free companion mobile app for iOS and Android, and an exclusive dashboard that gives you centralized control over all your customer accounts. That means all your authorized users can easily manage gage data from anywhere, anytime, on any device, including their own. If your customers are already using GageList, you can link their account to your dashboard to view and manage their measurement equipment.

Nobody else offers this revolutionary model – because they can’t. It’s just not possible with desktop or server-based systems.

GL One Example Screen

A simple dashboard to manage all your customer accounts.


GageList more than pays for itself in many ways.

Platforms that charge for seat licenses penalize you for growing and make money by exploiting your dependence on them. We don’t charge for seat licenses, so you don’t have to pay to add users or locations. You can literally add as many users as you want at no additional charge. There is no risk with our unlimited users feature, because you assign permission levels as you see fit. You control who can edit gage data through the administrative panel, so, for example, your employees can create and edit gage records, while your customers can only read them.

The time you spend adapting your processes to fit each of your customers’ systems can be minimized in many ways. You can bring them into your GageList ecosystem, or you can integrate with their existing systems with our public API.

Your technicians will spend far less time locating gages and gage records, and less time entering calibration data, because our full-featured mobile app lets them work right at the tool site. It works with or without Internet service, and even uses your device’s camera to scan barcodes and locate records in your gage list instantly.

GageList iPhone Screens

GageList Mobile lets you scan barcodes to access gage data.


With GageList, you don’t have to buy specific computers, devices or equipment. There’s no software to install because GageList Cal Lab is cloud-based and runs on any browser. Your GageList accounts are accessible to you and your team all the time on any device, anywhere in the world.

GageList can eliminate duplicate data entry. We can help you integrate it into your internal management and billing software using our API. And if you need additional customization, you can rely on our experience as an internationally recognized custom software development house.

We know migrating data from a legacy system can be a challenge. That’s why we also provide data migration services to help you move your current data into your new GageList platform, saving you time and money, and ensuring your gage list is accurate and up to date.

A Cost-Effective Calibration Management Platform

GageList Cal Lab includes a wide range of features and options, and each instance is custom-tailored to your exact needs. Please contact our Customer Success Team for a custom quotation.

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