Calibration Software for the Power Generation Industry

Gage management for the industries that supply the power we need

The power industry depends on accurate gages, meters and instruments to support a reliable electrical grid. You need an advanced gage management platform that can handle the calibration data all your facilities produce.

Supports power industry quality standards

GageList supports compliance with ISO 19443 for the nuclear power industry, and provides calibration controls that serve other renewable and nonrenewable means of power generation.

Multi-site gage management

Unify your calibration procedures and securely manage gage data in multiple power generation sites from a single, centralized control panel, while setting location-specific permissions and customizing data fields and schedules for each site.

Multi site calibration management

Mobile-friendly and device-agnostic

Cloud-based and fully mobile, GageList lets you manage your gages from anywhere, any time, on any device. Supports remote gage maintenance on transmission and distribution facilities as well as gage management in large power plants with diverse gage inventories. GageList also offers private installations.

Join a growing community of global leaders

GageList is trusted by some of the world’s leading power producers.


Simple and intuitive

GageList is easy to use and inexpensive to install and maintain. It’s so simple and intuitive that none of the thousands of users we’ve onboarded have required formal training. Get a free live demo. Use our tutorial videos to see how it works.

Information security

Gagelist is SOC2 compliant, so you can rest assured your calibration data will be handled with the highest levels of security, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Information security
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Unlimited users

GageList doesn’t charge for seat licenses. Instead, we allow unlimited users on all accounts at no extra charge, so you can assign calibration duties as you see fit.

Migration Concierge Service

Migrating your data can be a challenge. GageList provides concierge-level support to get you up and running quickly with your new GageList account. See our pricing page for how much free support each plan qualifies for.

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5 star reviews
Gagelist is a game changer!

Cost-effective, easy to use, and makes calibration less of a hassle; it’s calibration software designed for the modern world.

Casey S.
Supply Chain Manage

We love Gagelist

The ROI is exponential compared to the manual database system we were using before.

Dustin A.
Quality Manager

Intuitive and easy to use

It was very easy to jump into GageList and just plug and play all the information needed.

Dennis U.
Quality Manager

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