Introducing GageList One™

One Control Panel to Manage Gages in All Your Locations

Managing gages across multiple sites is challenging, and with many calibration platforms, you pay a lot of money for solutions that leave a lot to be desired. GageList One multi-site gage management control panel lets you manage gages in all your locations on a single dashboard.

Unify All Your Locations with a Single Control Panel

If you’re tired of juggling disparate systems, paying for extra seat licenses, or modifying your procedures for each of your locations, then GageList One is your answer.

Other calibration management platforms exploit your need for centralized control by gouging you with expensive fees for additional seat licenses. GageList One lets you easily unify all your users’ accounts in multiple locations with a single control panel. GageList allows unlimited users on all accounts, so you can manage a gage inventory of any size, with as many users and locations as you want, for a fraction of what you can with other systems.


Add GageList One to any GageList account. Manage as many locations and as many users as you like. To schedule a free live demo of GageList One, contact our Customer Success Team today.

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Supporting an Organization-Wide Culture of Quality

According to an article in Harvard Business Review, “A company with a highly developed culture of quality spends, on average, $350 million less annually fixing mistakes than a company with a poorly developed one.” Clearly, this metric is based on a specific set of very large companies that were studied. Of course, large companies are what GageList One is built for. One of the easiest ways to infuse a quality culture throughout a distributed organization is to provide uniform toolsets to every site. GageList One is that single, inexpensive toolset that can permanently impact your approach to quality.

Consider how GageList One creates a solid platform for a global culture of quality:

  • You have a single calibration management procedure for your whole organization instead of a complex set of policies riddled with location-based exceptions and customizations.
  • You assign calibration management functions to unlimited users throughout your organization, using a centralized permissions feature – without worrying about increasing your license costs every time you make an adjustment.
  • Authorized employees, managers, internal auditors, customers and even external service providers all collaborate securely, in real-time, from anywhere, using any device, including their own mobile devices.
  • Calibration costs are cut dramatically while your team’s productivity goes through the roof.
  • Billing is customized to fit your exact needs, either centralized or split up and distributed to individual locations according to your specific accounting requirements.
  • Your efforts to build a culture of quality finally start to pay off with consistent, measurable processes.

GageList One will improve the way you manage calibration forever. To schedule a free live demo of GageList One, contact our Customer Success Team today.