GageList Custom and Private Plans

Built to Meet Your Exact Needs

In certain cases, customers have preferences that are outside of our published SaaS plans. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the world’s most advanced gage management solution.

Custom GageList plans or instances can help you meet your specific challenges.

Extremely large or complex gage lists: Our premium SaaS plans handle up to 10,000 gages and 25 GB of storage space. If your gage list is larger than 10,000 or if the records attached use more storage than our plans allow, we can easily craft a custom SaaS plan to meet your needs.

Multiple, separately managed locations: Our SaaS plans provide for a certain amount of centralization of locations, but occasionally we have to make accommodations for unique location issues. Let us review your location needs and determine if a custom plan is called for.

Local or private installation requirements: Although the majority of global companies are embracing SaaS products, some still require installed software controlled on their servers, or private hosting options accessed via Virtual Private Networks. GageList can be delivered through any number of options; if you have unique hosting requirements, we can develop a custom solution.

Tedious, labor-intensive data migration needs: Migrating from a legacy system can be difficult; in fact, it’s one of the main reasons companies put off moving to a better system. Our Data Migration Concierge Service helps companies with complex data sets upgrade to GageList quickly and easily.

If you have unique gage management needs, let us take a look and help you choose the perfect solution.