Unlimited Users at No Extra Cost

We want to help you grow, not hold you back.

Are you tired of having to review your software license and get permission from your software vendor every time you need to expand your quality program or assign calibration tasks?

GageList lets you manage calibration your way. Expensive seat licenses force you to adapt your workflows and calibration schedules to fit the limitations of your desktop software. They create silos and bottlenecks and make collaboration nearly impossible. They tie up your IT department with needless requests for permissions and complicate routine personnel changes.

We believe your people – all of them – should have access to collaborative quality management tools to help make them more productive and better able to focus on their jobs. That’s why we allow unlimited users on all accounts (even our free account). With GageList, your quality managers, calibration techs, internal auditors and even external auditors can all collaborate on gauge management in real time.

You control permission: Permission and access are controlled and assigned by you. Our administrative controls let you choose who gets to use GageList, and what level of access they get. Give full edit privileges to technicians and quality managers and read-only permissions to tool owners, vendors and internal auditors, for example. Easily change access or permissions through the admin panel without having to contact us when you add or remove staff. When you consider how easy it is to onboard new users without requiring a training program, it makes sense to upgrade your calibration program to GageList.

Here’s an example: One of the world’s largest, most advanced manufacturers has a facility with nearly 20,000 employees and thousands of measuring instruments that require routine calibration. GageList lets this organization assign access to around 1,100 individual users throughout their massive plant. Most of their users access the account via their mobile phones. They pay the same low subscription fee they would pay if they only had a few users.

The days of being held hostage are over. GageList gives you total control of your calibration management software and puts the power to pivot, to grow, and to manage calibration data at your fingertips. So isn’t it time you took control of your organization’s calibration program out of the hands of your software vendor and gave it back to your people? Sign up today​ to set your organization free!