GageList Calibration Management Software

Web-Based and Mobile Gage Management

GageList was built to revolutionize the gage management software marketplace by eliminating scaling challenges, removing limits imposed by expensive seat licenses, and dramatically lowering the total cost of managing gages.

In our earliest days, the software engineers at Espresso Moon were tasked with creating a slim, lightweight gage management software solution that could be quickly deployed and accessed by a major industrial parts manufacturer. Like most buyers of custom software, our client was frustrated by what was available in the marketplace and needed a tool that was consistent with their vision of simple collaboration and lean operations.

So we delivered what became GageList, the world’s first browser-based gauge management platform. We immediately saw that the people who use GageList prefer its simplicity and ease of use over the complex, bloated products that have dominated the calibration space since the 1980s.

With unlimited users on all accounts, simple onboarding and ease of use, free companion mobile app, free multi-site control panel, our exclusive Data Migration Concierge Service, and the lowest price point of any comparable software, GageList is revolutionizing the gage management market.

We’ve spent years researching and documenting what drives success in data and process management software. We found that four foundational concepts drive all the most successful industrial software products, and we built them into GageList:

Simplicity: We’ve onboarded thousands of users since we entered the market, and not one has required formal training.

Portability: Companies grow when they can overcome the limits of their physical environments. GageList lets companies manage calibration data from anywhere with the world’s first cloud-based platform and the world’s first full-featured mobile calibration app for iOS and Android.

Flexibility: Platforms that charge expensive seat licenses restrict your growth and your ability to pivot. GageList allows UNLIMITED USERS on all accounts, regardless of price, so you can assign gage management duties as you see fit. We also offer the world’s only multi-site control panel, so you can manage gages in all your locations from a single dashboard.

Service: One of the reasons companies get stuck with outmoded gage management software platforms is that moving calibration records can be difficult and time-consuming. GageList provides optional Data Migration Concierge Service to help you get started, and our excellent help desk support is free to all our users.

On this foundation we’ve built a simple, easy-to-use calibration management solution that’s trusted around the world by Fortune 500 companies and private companies alike.

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As GageList has evolved, we’ve always stayed ahead of the market in terms of usability, simplicity and cost. As we research calibration management’s role in Quality 4.0, it’s clear GageList is not just a better software; it’s a revolutionary idea.GageList was created by Espresso Moon, a Houston-based custom software development firm led by certified quality engineers, strategic design experts and experienced research consultants. We’ve developed over a thousand bespoke software solutions, most of them focused on quality, asset management, safety and industrial process improvement. Nearly everything we do is driven by a need to overcome the limitations of some outmoded process or technology.

If you’d like to get a custom quote or a live product demo, please call GageList at 281-816-7130 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Central Time) Monday through Friday.