Contacts, billing and payments

Is the Starter Plan (free plan) limited?

The main limitations are to storage and number of users. Also, due to the storage limitations, attachments are not allowed. Otherwise, the account includes the features of the paid plan. This plan is not a trial.

What types of payment do you accept for Paid Plans?

You may pay for a premium GageList plan with any major credit card using the form found on the pricing page. Companies that prefer to pay by check or ACH should contact support to make these arrangements.

Using GageList

What if I have an idea for a feature or report?

We love hearing your suggestions! Please send ideas for new features, reports and other improvements you would like to see in GageList.

What if I have an audit finding related to our use of GageList?

We are not responsible for findings related to the use of GageList or availability. With that being said, we do welcome your feedback with any issues related to the use of GageList, especially if it is related to an audit. If you have an issue, please submit a Support Ticket to tell us about it. If we have a suggestion on how to better use GageList we will let you know.

What do I do to protect us in case we have a network outage?

If you are concerned about service interruptions, such as the loss of Internet connectivity, download your data from within GageList account. That way, if there is a network problem or other issue, you will have a set of your calibration data available “off line”. Please view our video tutorial on data import and export.

Hint: Consider adding a clause to your procedure that allows them to use an “export” as part of your business continuity plan in the event GageList is not accessible.

Is it possible to import data from another system?

Yes. Data may be imported into GageList. A template and instructions are provided in GageList. Please view our video tutorial on data import and export.

We also offer a service to help you migrate from another calibration system, database, spreadsheet, etc. Please give us a call or submit a Support Ticket to get a quote or if you have any questions about the import feature.

Technical requirements

What web browsers are compatible with GageList?

Most popular desktop browsers will work. GageList has been tested with newer versions Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Is GageList compatible with browsers on smartphones and other mobile devices?

Most GageList features are compatible with mobile device browsers. Bookmark for quick access to the login screen.

Do you have any smart phone apps?

Not yet. We are discussing creating an app for the iPhone and Android. Please send us your thoughts about it.