Every good calibration management software has a complex database with fields to accommodate the various types of data that an extensive gage list generates as calibrations and maintenance events occur. One measure of whether your calibration software is right for your needs is whether its database is adaptable to handle your gage data in a way that best aligns with the way you work.

Customizable Fields

In addition to our extensive set of standard fields, GageList has virtually unlimited customizable fields. Users can modify GageList to manage any type of calibrated instrument and can choose to show or hide specific custom fields on calibration certificates.

Customizable fields give you the flexibility to make your gage data more compatible with different tool types, different NIST and auditor requirements, specific workflows and unique business processes. They also provide the ability to create clearer views of your data and present it exactly the way you want to see it. GageList adapts to the way you work, rather than forcing you to adapt your processes to the way your software works.

Custom fields
Custom fields
Our field customization feature also helps when syncing data from disparate applications – for instance when migrating from GAGEtrak or any other legacy application. You can easily match your GageList fields to the fields in the files you export from legacy systems, then customize, rename and move them to best suit the way you work once they’re imported.

Custom fields are supported by our API as well, making it even easier to establish commonality among your management applications.

Detailed Activity Log

Until now, four of the standard fields were included in the gage activity log. Those fields are Location, Area, Assignee and Status. Now GageList lets you track detailed activity on every field in the system, for the entire life of your entire gage list. This feature gives you a very thorough audit trail for every one of your measuring instruments, which not only supports getting through audits, but can provide you with actionable intel on the service life of all your tools. The Detailed Activity Log can be turned on and off by customer preference.

As with many of our functional features that add convenience and value, the Detailed Activity Log was requested by a major global manufacturer as part of their partnership with GageList to improve calibration and quality management through best-in-class technology and operational excellence initiatives.

To learn more about Customizable Fields and the Detailed Activity Log, reach out to our Support Team or call 281-816-7130.