2927677We know that it’s important to your company to keep your equipment calibrated properly. Doing so makes sure that your work is completely accurate and compliant with all required standards. And to get the best results from calibration, using calibration software is a smart move. Here at GageList, we think it’s important that you understand just why our software solution is such a good call for your company.

Here’s a look at the main reasons it deserves your attention:

  • Quick – The system requires no installation. You can access directly from a web browser, making it fast to get into. Additionally, it works quickly and begins providing you with results faster than you might realize.
  • Full Featured – Thanks to the design of GageList, you’ll get a wide range of features including the ability to access from anywhere, automatic scheduling, email notifications to keep you abreast of what’s happening, individualized settings, and much more.
  • Configurable – Those individualized settings are a big part of why we’re so effective. You can set up the software to meet your specific needs and design its usage to match your business requirements.
  • Easy – Simplicity means better accuracy, less frustration, and better overall results. GageList is incredibly simple to set up and even easier to use. And if you reach a point where you are unsure of what to do or confused about the next step, it’s easy to get fast technical support from our dedicated team of experts.
  • Free – Best of all, you can start using GageList completely free of charge. There’s no need to pay a penny for the basic functions of the program, but if you want to get even more from it you can upgrade to a plus plan later. However, you can start out for free and see for yourself just what the program offers. The difference between free and paid is the storage allowance and number of users allowed.

There are a lot of options out there for calibration of your equipment, but GageList stands out for all of the points above and more. If you require accurate equipment calibration, you owe it to yourself to automate your process and make things easier on yourself and your entire team. The right program can do just that.

Contact us today to learn more about GageList and to start using it free of charge. You can experience all of the benefits for yourself and find out just why it’s the right program for your needs – no matter what they may be.