Calibration is a critical aspect of quality control for many industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare and more. For large enterprise companies with multiple locations, managing a calibration program can be a complex and time-consuming effort. This is where GageList One™, GageList’s multi-site calibration management control panel, comes in.


Centralized Calibration Management Across Multiple Locations

GageList One provides a simple, centralized control panel for managing and tracking calibration data across multiple locations, whether you have two facilities or several hundred. The control panel allows users to view and track the status of all gages and measuring equipment, schedule, assign and manage calibration tasks, and generate reports on the status of their entire calibration program, ensuring a single, standardized set of calibration procedures to support compliance with industry standards such as ISO 9001, 21 CFR, AS9100 and other critical standards.

GageList One’s key advantage is the ability to easily access and share data across multiple locations and departments from a single control point. This allows teams to effectively collaborate using standardized calibration procedures in every location to establish a foundation for a company-wide culture of quality. With GageList One, all your calibration data is in one place, making it easy to track and manage all of your gages and equipment. Your individual facilities enjoy location-level control of their local gage list, while corporate management gets executive-level control of the entire calibration program. No more having to deal with disparate systems when planning calibration budgets, purchasing and maintaining measuring instruments, preparing for audits, or training staff and vendors on calibration procedures.


Manage Multiple Sites From Anywhere in the World, Anytime, On Any Device

Multi site calibration management

GageList, GageList One and GageList Mobile offer simple but powerful tools for scheduling and managing calibration activities, including creating and managing calibration schedules, assigning tasks to specific team members, tracking the status of every tool, and notifying assigned personnel of calibration due dates and other events. With these tools, companies can manage calibration anywhere, anytime, on any device – consistently and economically across their entire organization.

Trusted by global market leaders, GageList One outperforms every other calibration management platform on the market, when it comes to managing multiple locations simply and cost-effectively. With GageList One, companies can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their calibration program, reduce costs, consistently maintain compliance with industry standards, and establish a solid foundation for a company-wide culture of quality.

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