Trying to find out the price of some calibration platforms is like trying to find that sock that disappeared when you did laundry last week. You look all over their website, you google it, you ask around, but you still can’t find it. Why is that?

Could it be because they’re afraid if you see it before they’ve had time to “set the hook” you’ll run screaming for the hills?

Pricing models for calibration software are out of date.

To be fair, under most calibration software pricing models, they can’t tell you the price until they’ve configured your plan. They have to know how many seat licenses they can sell you, how many locations it needs to be installed in, what bells and whistles they can tack on, and how much training you’re going to need.

Once you’ve been wined and dined, once you’ve invested all the time to explain your whole operation to the salesman they’ve flown in, once you’ve let them laugh at your Excel spreadsheets and tell you how difficult it’s going to be to migrate your data to their system, once they’ve tossed out that subtle insinuation that if you don’t get why they’re offering you so many complicated features you’ll never need, that perhaps you don’t really understand calibration, you’re in so deep it’s almost rude not to sign a PO.

In truth, with software models straight out of the Reagan era, that’s the best they can do. But as the calibration software establishment grinds on like they’ve never heard of smart phones or the cloud, calibration managers are wondering why the calibration platforms they use every day don’t work more like the simple apps that power the rest of their lives.

We believe you should know up front how much GageList costs.

With GageList, you know right up front how much it’s going to cost, and it’s not a whole lot (see for yourself right here). And in cases where you do need a custom configuration, just call us and we’ll give you a custom quote. What you’ll notice right away is we don’t string our pricing model up with clever trip wires that cost you more money every time you step on one. You want to adjust your workflow or expand the pool of calibration techs who can use GageList? No worries. We don’t charge extra for unlimited users. Need to manage gages in multiple facilities? GageList One unifies all your locations with a single control panel.  Have a lot of data to migrate from your old system? Our Migration Concierge Service is simple and economical. Need a mobile app that instantly pulls up gage files by simply scanning a barcode on the tool? GageList Mobile for iOS and Android lets you manage gages from anywhere, anytime, on any device – for no extra cost. Don’t want to send your operators to expensive training sessions or bring in a trainer from out of town? GageList is so simple you won’t need training. You may need a little bit of support, but that’s free, too. Hate getting hit with charges for upgrading your platform? With GageList, product upgrades happen behind the scenes. You never have to pay us to improve our product.

Transparency is the future.

Becoming an expert in metrology, quality or calibration is difficult enough. Planning and budgeting for quality management is no picnic, either. Calibration software should make that work easier, not harder. You shouldn’t have to wade through complex licensing and support costs just to end up with a system that limits your flexibility and control over your business processes. Difficulty in budgeting for or using calibration software are the hallmarks of an era that ended years ago. The future of software is simplicity and transparency.

If you’re ready to see what life is like in the 21st century, come on over to GageList. You’ll like it here.