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Quick & Easy Local Backup

GageList's data export features make backing up equipment and calibration data a snap.  Data export is accessible from within GageList. The feature exports both equipment and calibration records to convenient spreadsheet format on your local computer. Here are some...

Self-Service Data Import Now Available

Self-Service Data Import Now Available

You may now import data from your legacy calibration software or spreadsheet using the new Import Data from Excel feature. This feature is available under the Reports & Data > View List menu in GageList. Here are some hints for using the import feature in...

GageList Instant Add Button

Buttons have been added to some selection dialog boxes (see image) to allow users to quickly add new selections directly from within the Equipment form. This feature is only available to users with Administrator accounts because these features add values to the...

Its Alive! New Website Announcement

GageList is pleased to announce the launch of a new updated website designed with a clean look and user-friendly navigation. The website includes new pages to provide the latest information about GageList and provide great customer service. Please...

GageList is now Free

We have added a completely free plan to GageList. It only includes 1 user and has a smaller storage capability, but it includes all of GageList's great features except attachments due to the small storage size of the account.

Attachments Allowed & Bug Fixes

Features added to allow attachments in both Calibration and Equipment Attachments may be used to store scanned 3rd party calibration certificates, manufacture documentation, etc. Fixed bug causing negative taxes and totals when some discount codes were used.

GageList Calibration Software Announced

We are very pleased that after a lot of hard efforts by our team GageList is now available to the public. GageList is an online calibration management system designed to manage measuring and test equipment and support requirements of quality management systems such as...

GageList® Login Improvements

Improvements have been made to simplify the new user login process. The User Guide revised to reflect new process and is available in the Support area.

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