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Importing Gages

  1. Log in to GageList.
  2. Click the Reports & Data icon in the sidebar.
  3. Select Import Data in the menu.
  4. Click Choose File and select a file to import from.
  5. Click Import Gages.
  • Supported file types include .xls and .xlsx.
  • A downloadable import template is available to provide the column headers needed to import. The import template may vary based on changes to your account’s localization and custom field settings.
  • If any two gages have the same serial number or control number, the latter will overwrite the former. Double-check your data before importing.
  • If the number of gages exceeds your current plan’s gage limit, your account will be switched to read-only mode in which data can no longer be added. (you will still be able to remove data)