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GageList allows configurable reports that can be scheduled to be regularly emailed on a weekly basis.

  1. Select which days of the week to have the email sent out.

Note: To disable notifications, deselect all checkboxes.

  1. Select the report type to be included in the email.
    • 30 Day Schedule
    • 60 Day Schedule
    • 90 Day Schedule
  2. Select whether or not the report will include overdue records.
  3. Click Add Users to select users receiving the full email report. Other email addresses can also be manually added by entering them in the text box.
  4. Check the Include Gage Assignees checkbox to trigger email notifications to gage owners when their active gages are due (or overdue) for calibration.
  5. To use this feature, modify your gage assignees in General Settings by adding their email address in the format, name [email]. The Update Assignees button can help make changes to existing gages that have already been assigned.

The report gage assignees receive will only include gages assigned to them.
Assignees must have a gage in the report to be able to receive the email.

Note: The feature to notify gage assignees is only available for certain account plans. View GageList plans

  1. Enter the email subject.

Note: To verify that the email will be received, click Send Now.

  1. Click Save.
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