Released June 25, 2019

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Added sort/filter & column editing features to table views
  • Added more options to display up to 1000 records per page

Released June 10, 2019

  • Bug fixes & UI updates
  • Added option to allow changes to the calibrated by field

Released June 3, 2019

  • Added gage record field “Asset No”
  • Added gage record field “Gage Cost”
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Released May 17, 2019

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated form layouts
  • Button & style changes
  • Added ability to export test/template data
  • Added ability to export attachments & mappings
  • Added ability to export all data

Released Apr 19, 2019

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Updated certificate layout
  • New feature: Email Reports to Gage Assignees
  • Owners/Administrators can now:
    • Add an email address to each gage assignee (optional)
    • Update assignee information to all relevant gages
    • Include gage assignees in email reports (only available on some plans)
    • * Assignee email addresses can be selected to start an email

Released Mar 27, 2019

  • Added mobile app section/links in sidebar
  • Added changelog link on dashboard
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