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GageList can be customized to fit the specific needs of each user. Only users with Administrator privileges have the ability to make these changes. The following settings can be configured by selecting an option from the Settings menu.

  • Manufacturers
  • General Settings
  • Notification Settings

Note: Changing a setting does not alter your existing gage or calibration records. However, it does change the options available to users when adding new or editing existing records.


When creating a gage, users select from a list of available manufacturers. These manufacturers are displayed and can be managed here.

Adding a Manufacturer

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter the manufacturer’s Name.
  3. Enter the remaining contact information as available.
  4. Click Save.

Editing a Manufacturer

  1. Click the manufacturer to be edited.
  2. Make changes by entering values in the text fields.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting a Manufacturer

  1. Select the manufacturers to be deleted using the checkboxes.
  2. Click Delete Selected and confirm.

General Settings

When creating or editing a record, users select values from a list of available options. These values can be viewed and managed here.

Using a Multi-line Textbox

Each line represents a value for the field to the left of the text box.
To add a value, create a new line and enter your value.
To delete a value, remove the line.

A Custom Logo can be set along with a Certificate Statement which is visible to any user linked to the account.
(This feature may not be available for some accounts.)

Notification Settings

Reports can be scheduled to be regularly emailed on a weekly basis.

  1. Select the days to schedule when the email will be sent.

Note: To disable notifications, deselect all checkboxes.

  1. Select the report to be included in the email.
    • 30 Day Schedule
    • 60 Day Schedule
    • 90 Day Schedule
  2. Select whether or not the report will include overdue records.
  3. Click Add Users to select users receiving the email. Other email addresses can also be manually added by entering them in the text box.
  4. Enter the email subject.

Note: To verify that the email will be received, click Send Now.

  1. Click Save.